Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a difference a week makes

Just a week ago I was listening to ESPN radio and the host was asking Tim Kurkjian when the wheels were going to fall off of the Marlins and the Rays. Kurkjian said something like "I think we're seeing that right now."

He claimed that the Marlins lack of pitching would eventually catch up with them.

Of course the Marlins had just lost 3 in a row to the pitiful Cincinnati Reds and a couple of games to Kansas City.

Now, just 7 days later the Marlins look they are for real again after sweeping the Diamondbacks and the Giants and taking the first game in the current series against the Mets.

Of course the Marlins pitching concerns are legitimate but it's their slugging that has them where they are currently: first place in their division and second only to the Rays in terms of winning percentage in the Majors.

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Jorge Costales CPA said...


Good point - we are in the midst of either a good or great year for the team - a team not of free agents, but players who are making their name right now. You know I like to quantify things, but this can't be quantified - I think a case can be made that it's more enjoyable to follow a team like this Marlins team than one of free agents who come together to make a championship run.

I am also a Heat fan - but how much sweeter that year would have been if the rooster had the likes of Grant Long & Kevin Edwards instead of Gary Payton & Antoine Walker.