Monday, May 12, 2008

The cost of a win, part 4.

Part 4 in my ongoing look at who is getting the most and who is getting the least for their money. Below you will find a spreadsheet with my analysis (click to enlarge).

Next to each team's name is the projected 2008 payroll for that team. The next column is the payroll number divided by 162 (the number of games in the full season), this is essentially the payroll cost per game. Then we have wins and losses and win percentage. The next column is the payroll per game multiplied by the total number of games played (or payroll expended to date). And finally the last column is the payroll expended to date divided by wins (or the cost per win).

As in my other looks at this, the Marlins are by far paying the least per win. Not only that, the Marlins currently have the best winning percentage in baseball with the lowest payroll.

Also, consider is that of FOUR of the six division leaders (which are in bold) are among the top six clubs in terms of cost per win efficiency.

Larry Beinfest is making other baseball executives look very foolish. The Yankees are paying more than TEN TIMES the amount the Marlins are paying per win and have only fourth place in the standings to show for it.

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