Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So, this is what crow tastes like

I have to admit that I was one of those fans that predicted that the fish would lose 100-110 games on marlinsbaseball.com this year. I even tried to dispute my season ticket account through American Express (and that's another extraordinary story that I won't go into detail about here) so I was really upset about the what I saw as a destruction of all the good will that this ownership had built up since it took over before the 2002 season.

What a surprise this club has turned out to be. As of this writing the Marlins are two games out of the wildcard spot and 2 games under .500. This is an amazing accomplishment. It's not that I didn't have confidence in Beinfest. I knew that he'd get good players back but nobody could have seriously predicted that they'd mostly be ready to play at the major league level this year. And let's face it, for a while they weren't ready. But they grew up in a hurry and a lot of these guys are living up to their potential very early in their careers.

Well, here's to being wrong. It could be worse. I'd rather have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised that the reverse. This crow doesn't tast half bad!

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