Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Fish Eye View

This is my first post. I intend to create a blog here about my favorite pro sports team, the Florida Marlins. The other posts you see below are essays or pieces I have written in the past. I have backdated them to their original creation dates.

Hopefully enough people will find this interesting so that it'll be worth my time to post here.



Kennelworthy said...

I like baseball (especially my Orioles) and sports in general. I also like blogs a whole lot. So, I for one hope you keep posting, because I'll be glad to leave you comments and engage in some hardball discussions! Good luck on your blog.

ryan said...

hope u continue to post. im a saturday plan season ticket holder for the marlins and dont miss a game... ever. ill be glad to leave comments and read the site daily.

tealup said...

I live near L.A. and was a half hearted Dodgers fan. Somethimes I'd switch to the Halos. Pretty flighty fan! When LoDuca, Encarnacion and Mota got traded to the fish I went over and have loved the Marlins ever since. Oh the tears I have shed!

tealup said...

But I must add I think I'll be a Marlins fan for life - unless they have another fire sale.