Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Judge Cohen Punts...

and Jorge Costales thinks that's a good thing.

I don't.

I think what the judge did was weak. She passed the buck. Her job is to rule based on current law as she understands it, not to wait for guidance from the Supreme Court to do it for her. What precedent does that set?

There is a time-sensitive nature to this case and now it's in limbo indefinitely for what Jorge rightly points out could be nothing more than political considerations for the judge herself.

As far as the naming rights to the ballpark go, Wayne Huizenga sold the name of Joe Robbie Stadium to the now defunct Pro Player apparel company for $20 million over 10 years back in 1996. That's $2 million a year. A nice sum, but not something to stop the Marlins deal over. It should be also be noted that the market for stadium names probably isn't as strong as back then. Huizenga finally gave up trying to sell the name and it's now Dolphin Stadium.

As far as trying to get Braman aboard, I don't think the Marlins can offer anything that will appease him. He's just being a curmudgeon and enjoying every minute of it. As fans we've been waiting for this new ballpark ever since Huizenga announced he was selling the team in 1997 and now that we're an inch from the finish line that old fart is standing in the way. And the judge is allowing him to.

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