Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Impressions

Ok, I went to the ballpark today for the first time this season. I couldn't go to the home opener because my flag football team was having it's playoffs and the first game was at 7:00 in Coconut Grove. So rather than taking the day off yesterday to catch the game and have to leave early I took today off and went to the ballpark.

It was just me and about 800 of my closest friends in attendance. Boy what a mess the Fish are. I was going to make a joke on this post about the Mermaids having more "Major League Talent" than the actual team but when I got a close up look at them I realized that they are just as bush league as the players.

Bad defense hurt the Marlins again. One expects young players to take time to adjust to hitting in the bigs but they should be solid defensively. What's with the scorekeeper? Hanley Ramirez lets an infield fly drop and they don't call it an error? What a joke!

The most pathetic moment was at the end of the game when there were maybe 300 people left in that gigantic stadium and a few souls in right centerfield began the wave.

Anyway I took four signs to the game today hoping to get in the paper. But I printed them on large sheets of paper instead of poster board so as to neatly conceal them folded in my scorebook. I don't want any security personnel scrutinizing my signs. But the damned wind made it hard to hold the signs withem flopping over. When it's hot as hell in that stadium there is never a breeze to be found but today, wouldn't you know it, it was like a monsoon. But the day was gorgeous for baseball.

The 4 signs read:

Florida Guppies

Suckered by Samson

Dontrelle, Miguel + 7 Dwarfs

Hooked? Bait and Switch!

Anyway I don't think I'll make the paper for today's game but keep an eye out for me because I'm gonna take different signs to each game I attend.

P.S. My flag football team the "Slow White Cubans" made it to the final game of our playoffs and lost. We finished 2nd out of 10 teams. Not bad considering we started out 1-4.

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