Thursday, December 01, 2005

Compromise Solution to Marlins Stadium Problem.

Now that the Orange Bowl seems to be in danger of succumbing to the wrecking ball, I have an idea that is a compromise. Since it's a compromise it's, by definition, not the best solution for each of the parties involved but it solves everyone's problems. Here's the idea:

The Orange Bowl gets destroyed and a new dual purpose dome is built in its place.

It would be a fixed dome that is designed to be comfortable for both sports. It can be done. The dual use stadiums of the past were ugly and uniform but sightlines were not an issue. One could be designed one that is more aesthetically pleasing than previous ones.

A fixed dome would cost much less than a retractable one. The stadium could be designed with features such as glass walls below the dome, to allow natural light to enter during the daytime and give less of an impression of being enclosed. It would be climate controlled perfect weather for every game.

The turf would have to be artificial, but they have made big advancements in turf and it's a much better than it used to be. Also converting from baseball to football would be much easier and the football team wouldn't have to worry about playing in dirt.

Between the Marlins and the Hurricanes there will be 87 guaranteed dates per year. The MIAMI Marlins get to stay in town and Hurricanes fans and alumni are happy.

Ok let the dissecting and complaints begin...

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djej1 said...

they have already said that they won't be tearing the Orange Bowl down.